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OK, so they aren’t really engaged (yet), but I like a good pre-April Fool’s joke :-)  If you check out their Facebook pages, you’ll see that most of their photos together were taken with an iPhone. While everyone loves a good Instagram pic, these two decided they wanted to have something more than the typical iPhone selfie and that’s where my services came in. :-)

Michelle and Terrence met in an an acting class in college and he’s been playing the role of leading man to her leading lady ever since.  Together they make a sweet couple (and a hot one at that!) whose easiness in front of the camera was a welcomed delight We spent the late afternoon strolling around the Fullerton Trail, chatting about their love of food, their worldly travels and all things Apple. Michelle and T, thanks for a fun shoot – come see me when it’s time to do the real thing (no pressure, T!).

To see more from their session, head on over to my FB fan page (click like if ya like!)…their album will be up soon!

These were the first two shots I took of them. As you can see, they were a little uptight in the beginning (j/k)  ;-)

Then they started workin’ it:

Showin’ some attitude:

The photo on the right – aaah…

So cute together!

Just when they thought I wasn’t looking…