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Here are a few of my many faves from last week’s photo shoot in Marina Del Rey with Devan. When I say that Devan is the smiliest (yes, I know it’s not a real word) baby I’ve ever met, it’s no exaggeration! This sweet little boy wore a perma-grin our entire shoot. Unlike newborns, who tend to sleep a whole lot, the 3-4 month stage is a bit of a challenge because you never know what to expect, but after a few minutes with Devan, it was pretty clear that his smile was there to stay! Lucky me :-) Mona & Sanjay, thanks for another fun session. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Oh my gosh, this baby is so cute!

Love the twinkly eyes:

Chillin’ on the deck with mommy and daddy:

There’s that smile again:

This is what happened when I told Devan our photo shoot was over and I was going home: