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The last time I saw Rowan he was just learning to sit up and hardly had any hair.  What a difference half a year makes!  I’ve been photographing this little guy since he was just a week old.  It’s been so cool for me to see how much he’s changed with each session.   The 1 year session for me is always bitter sweet, as I usually only  get to see the kiddies and parents for the holidays after that.  But it’s all good.  I love my job and it truly is an honor to be chosen to photograph such a special time in a child’s life.

Since Rowan is a Huntington Beach local, we decided to shoot the session in his “backyard”.  Ro’s been walking for a little over a month now, but this was his first time on the beach.  Mom and dad weren’t too sure how stable he’d be in the sand, but I tell ya, this boy is a natural!  He had me chasing him around the beach kickin’ up sand in his trail! Seriously, though, Rowan loved the beach and was particularly fascinated with surfboards.  Being a surfer, I think that’s awesome!  We had a great time and Rowan was the perfect little beach boy.   Check it out:

Isn’t this the coolest shirt?  He got splashed 5 minutes into our session:


He loved the sand:


Scopin’ out the beach scene:


Love the way his nose crinkled when he did this:



Rowan on the go:


Thanks for a great year of photos guys!  See you for the holidays!


Here’s a little year in review video with all the photos from our last session (it’s got sound).  Give it a minute to load :-)