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Hey all! This post is gonna be quick because my laptop battery is about to die and I’m too sleepy (or lazy) to get the power cord out of my bag. Shameful, I know.

Here’s a fun engagement shoot I had a few weeks ago in Los Angeles with Julie & Mike. It was great to work with this couple – they were so at ease in front of the camera. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I’ll save that for another post. Check out our adventures at the post office and Union Station, they’re sure to delight :-)

It’s late (or early) and my wordsmithing skills are running on fumes, so I’m out! Happy Friday!

Lookin’ good solo:
Mike & Julie's Glendale Engagement Shoot

But dynamic as a duo!

Out for a stroll with the fam bam:

Who knew a trip to the post office could be so sexy?
Mike & Julie at the Glendale post office engagment photos


After dark at Union Station:
Union Station engagment