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Time sure is flying by this year!  Seems like I just had a newborn session with Shay and here he is already hitting the 4 month mark!  The last time Shay was in front of my camera, he slept the session away.  I think that’s what he wanted to do this time around, but I had other plans in store for him (or maybe it was vice versa).  Getting Shay’s attention proved to be quite the challenge, but in those short instances, he had the cutest expressions – some of them gave me a pretty good chuckle during the editing process.  In the end though, I think it was baby Shay who had the last laugh and a big fat nap for all his hard work!  Have a look at the many (adorable) faces of Shay:

I like the vintage feel to this pic:
I have eyelash envy:
Smiley boy:
This one cracks me up:
He loved his fingers:
This rug was so cool! Shay agrees:
What a beautiful family!