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Back to Diamond Bar I went…this time to meet up with Ayden and his new brother, Asher. The last time I saw this family, Asher was still a bun in the oven.  Well, he’s here now and he’s the cutest little chubster you ever did see!  Like his cousin Jemma,  3 month old Asher was generous with the smiles and eye contact – it made for such a fun photo session.  See for yourself…

Family, friends and anyone else just passing through – lemme hear you holla!  20 or more comments and a 5×7 is theirs for the taking (as always, email and website are optional).

Meet Asher:

Look at those eyes:
02_Diamond Bar Baby Photographer

Ayden waited patiently while we photographed his lil bro:

If you only knew what went on behind the scenes to get this smile :-)
04_Diamond Bar Child Photographer
Happy, happy:

By Vanessa