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Wow! What a busy holiday season it’s been – and continues to be. I’m so fortunate that I love my job, otherwise it might feel like I’m working (heaven forbid!) :-) Here’s a quick post from one of my sessions last weekend in Palos Verdes at Terranea . I, along with two of my favorite little clients, spent the morning chasing clouds and more precisely, dodging the harsh sunlight. Hmm, I also remember a fair amount of bribing going on -but you didn’t hear that from me! Check out the pics – I think they are well worth the 3 bags of M&M’s I dished out – just joking…it was only two ;-)

Rowan, cuter than ever:

Sweet little Shay:

Mischief in the making:

California kids, California coast:

On to their next adventure together: